Cost Effective
POS solution
designed for Fuel Retailers

T-POS is designed for standalone sites, offering easy management for your forecourt, stock and daily operations.

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Control your forecourt with T-POS

Bring your forecourt together with TT Fuel’s forecourt controller and
POS system for managing all types of fuel dispensers and automatic tank gauging.

Key Features & Options

  • Control and monitor all major brands of fuel dispensers and automated tank gauging.
  • Payment processing via debit and credit cards, fuel cards and cash transactions.
  • Support for private account card networks.
  • Comprehensive and meaningful reporting.
  • Easy to configure and customise to match your business.
  • Manage dry and wet stock with one system.
  • Manage wet stock product price changes in one place. T-POS will automatically synchronise with fuel dispensers and electronic price signs.
  • Visual indication of dispenser status and active sales in real time.
  • Comprehensive Stock Management Module to simplify your business.
  • Multiple Discount Types available to suit your business requirements.
  • Wet stock supported by the TT Fuel T-WEB Software-as-a-Service:
    • Inventory reconciliation.
    • Sales reports.
Inventory Management
Discount & Promotions
Control Forecourt
Secure Payments

Remote Management

How can T-POS benefit my business?

Manage Everything From One Single Point

Manage all your sales on one screen supported by fast reliable and intuitive software with an interface purposely built for fuel retailers.

Manage wet stock and dry stock inventory in real-time with localised and optional cloud-based reporting.

Dedicated customer screen to display sales, transactions, product advertising and promotions.

Payments: Fast & Secure Transactions & More

Customers can use their existing EFTPOS payment terminals in non-integrated mode.

T-POS offers businesses a way to manage their own local customer accounts and account cards.

T-POS also provides pre-pay. This is a feature commonly used to prevent fuel drive-offs.

Coming Soon: integrated EFTPOS payment terminal.

Inventory management

T-POS provides a comprehensive Stock Management Module that allows site owners to create, edit and remove products at the touch of a finger. Updating stock is conveniently achievable through the user interface for individual products. An added benefit is that Site Administrators can perform bulk stock adjustments if required using the built-in bulk import and export function.

Organising stock items into Products Groups, Products Categories, Favourite Items and creating Combo specials as well as incorporating these with Product Discounts are just some of the extra features that T-POS Stock Management Module offers.


T-POS offers a comprehensive reporting system, capable of rendering accurate sales data, filtered by POS operating days and time-interval criteria.

  • List details of dispenser transactions
  • Finding variances in dispenser reconciliations
  • Tank reconciliations and variances
  • List Sales totals and payment details
  • Complete report on POS Operating Day, including:
    • Product Category Sales Totals
    • Payment Totals
    • Stock Adjustments
    • Top 10 Sales by Quantity
    • Variance in Fuel and Dry Stock
  • Complete inventory report

Discounts and Promotions

T-POS offers comprehensive discount management that enables site operators to apply discounts on Wet Stock or Dry Stock items.

Membership Schemes are also supported, aiding site owners to foster customer loyalty and further personalising discounts on fuel products.

The versatility of T-POS allows you to create and manage combo items to carry-out promotions within your store to maximise your profits.

Remote Site Management Using T-WEB

T-POS can be incorporated with T-WEB, enabling remote management capabilities that allows site owners to take full control of all operations within the forecourt environment.

T-WEB offers 24/7 real-time monitoring, management and reconciliation for all TT Fuel Commercial Fuel Management, Retail Forecourt Automation Systems and Solutions. T-WEB is an innovative cloud-based user interface providing advanced operational functions to improve all forecourt visibility. Real-time reporting on all transactions and inventory, the status of your equipment, and activity of all account cards is your way of managing the day-to-day operations in one single solution.

To find out more about T-WEB click here.


Wet & Dry Stock Package

T-POS Wet & Dry Stock package is designed for stand-alone sites, offering easy management of your forecourt, stock and daily operations.

Wet Stock Package

T-POS Wet Stock package is designed for stand-alone sites that only sell fuel, offering easy management of your forecourt daily basis operations.


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