Real-Time Visibility, Real-Time Efficiency

T-WEB offers 24/7, real-time monitoring and management of all wet-stock reconciliation for its range of Commercial Fuel Management and Retail Forecourt Automation Systems and Solutions. T-WEB is an innovative cloud-based user interface providing advanced operational functions to improve all forecourt visibility. Real-time reporting on all transactions, inventory, the status of your equipment, and activity of all account cards is your way to operate the day-to-day operations in one single solution.

T-WEB is an easy to use web-service that is accessed through an Internet Browser on a computer, phone or tablet.  This allows you to monitor and manage your sites in real-time from any location with internet access. 

Standard system functions such as User ID management, Access ID management, product (grade and price) management, inventory management, file export and report generation, can all be accessed via T-WEB.

T-WEB provides you with the ability to cost effectively manage its fuel assets through an optimised combination of automated and user-initiated functions, which can ensure:

  • Optimum planning of fuel procurement
  • Secure and environmentally safe fuel storage
  • Secure 24/7 access to fuel
  • Accurate measurement and recording of fuel transactions
  • Automated transfer and centralised storage of fuel-storage and usage data
  • Automated or user-initiated generation of fuel transaction reports
  • Automated or user-initiated export of transaction data to 3rd party accounting, invoicing or ERP applications.

T-WEB operator access can be controlled on a function-by-function basis and allows the setup of login privileges to specific sub-sets of data to ensure that operational responsibilities are fully optimised and high levels of data security and operational reliability are maintained.