Environment protection and sustainability are ingrained within the culture of TT Fuel. We help our clients manage the storage and handling of hydrocarbons safely and securely while avoiding all malicious hazards, environmental and legal risk associated with our fuel management solutions.

Emissions Reduction

TT Fuel clients will experience the first level of emissions reduction by implementing TT Fuel's fuel inventory management systems. This is due to the fixed relationship between fuel consumption reduction and emissions reduction. Beyond this point, TT Fuel will be able to further assist clients through its future R&D ultimately leading them to reduced carbon footprints and more profitable businesses.

Total Fuel Usage Reconciliation

You can't control what you can't measure. TT Fuel's fuel inventory management systems account for the total bulk fuel delivered to a client's tank farms through to the fuel dispensed to individual vehicles. Reconciliation of these totals will help identify any leakages in the system both minimising environmental impact and any costly remedial work.

Fuel Efficiency Improvement

Total fuel usage reconciliation allows clients to improve their fuel efficiency. For example, TT Fuel's systems allow fuel used by individual drivers and assets to be tracked and compared. This identifies any training opportunities or driver behaviour improvements; which research has shown to be one of the most significant factors affecting an organisations fuel usage.

TT Fuel is researching ways to assist organisations manage their fuel consumption in differing operational scenarios. This involves significant research and development projects to address methodologies and technologies that can compare the payload delivered by assets and the contributing factors that affect the efficiency of delivering that payload.