Access Management and Security

TT Fuel is here to control, manage and securely report on your fuel and lubricant insurance for all applications regardless of size. TT Fuel’s objective is to enhance the security of its products and solutions while ensuring the ease of access and accuracy of all transaction recordings are maintained. To achieve this, a security medium is needed to authorise and activate a fuel transaction and TT Fuel uses any of the following access identifications (ID)/RFID systems.

  • IButton
  • Magnetic Card
  • Manual PIN
  • Vehicle RFID Fuel and Fleet Tags

Vehicle mounted RFID systems provide the highest level of access management and security for refuelling, as well as providing valuable efficiency information on vehicle operations. At unattended service stations around Australia, where security and secure fuel issuance is a major concern, TT Fuel has a dominated market with its TT8800 OPT and the access identifications that support it.

Utilise wet-stock data to make a real impact across your organisation, with all transactions being recorded and stored in memory, including site number, date, time, product, litres, odometer, driver and vehicle ID. Reporting on fuel usage and on the data collected from vehicles and plant equipment is key for wet-stock reconciliation. You’re not only protecting your fuel lines, but you’re opening new opportunities through the information collected.

The access management and security options provided by TT Fuel products are state of the art in terms of innovation, quality and value and the growing local and overseas demand is a testament to this.