TT805-B Fuel Dispensers are built from a combination of high quality mechanical, electrical and hydraulic components, which have a proven track record in many applications around the globe. Incorporated is the latest technology in electronic control systems for fuel dispensing equipment that complies with the strictest international standards and provides the highest level of sophistication in the market.

A range of different models are available all manufactured from stainless steel and with a suite of options and accessories that allow clients to customise to suit specific needs.



Standard flow rate models offered in various combinations, including 40, 80 and 150LPM.

  • Available as pump models (fitted with internal suction pumps) or dispenser models (for use with external pressure pumps).
  • Available in one, two and four hose models.
  • Available with backlit commercial (litres-only) displays or retail (dollars, litres and price per litre).
  • Supports a wide variety of forecourt communications protocols.
  • Compliant with international trade-measurement and electrical safety standards.
  • Offers preset and prepaid functionality.
  • Integrates with TT Fuel range of Commercial Fuel Management and Retail Automation Systems.
  • Commercial models can include embedded Fuel Management Systems.
  • Standard stainless steel construction for marine and other harsh environments.
  • Supports standard fuel grades, including aviation fuels, B20 biodiesel and E10 ethanol blends.


Key Benefits

  • Provide low total cost of ownership and low maintenance requirements with stainless steel construction.
  • Designed and manufactured for the Australian environment.
  • Simple integration with support for all Australian / New Zealand forecourt protocols.


Product Manual