Hazardous Environments

TT Fuel's product range has a design objective of creating electronic control systems that are flexible enough to be used in any metering application from a mechanical fuel register retrofit to a fully appointed multi-product fuel dispenser.

To achieve these objectives an innovative approach is taken to ensure as many electronic components as possible are designed to be intrinsically safe and are hence able to operate in hazardous zones. Components, which are not safe, such as power supply and control output circuits, are fitted inside flameproof boxes. This results in a high level of flexibility since these components may be mounted anywhere inside any dispenser. It also enables control circuitry to be mounted near motors and control valves. In addition, all components are as small as possible making it relatively easy to incorporate these components into new or existing dispenser designs.

TT's modular architecture and use of an intelligent 2-wire communications bus (TBUS) simplifies the wiring associated with dispensers and hence reduces implementation costs. TBUS compatible devices are combined to build a range of TT products including single, dual or quad dispensers, outdoor payment terminals, controllers and bulk registers.

The T5 Display Modules are backlit using an intrinsically safe light source. This feature is important in applications where fluorescent tubes or other non-safe lighting devices cannot be used (i.e. in fuel pumps without vapour barriers). It also eliminates the costs and labour associated with fitting fluorescent tubes.