T-POS Software Update -

TPOS Updates Instructions:
Download the latest version of TPOS and copy the .zip file to a Fat32 formatted USB drive, taking care to eject the drive before removing it from your local computer.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not unzip the content of the file and place it on the USB since the update will not work.

1. Insert the USB drive with the TPOS update package into a spare USB Port of the TPOS Terminal & close/exit TPOS. Using the TPOS Utilities desktop shortcut, press the Apply Updates button and select the update package from the USB drive & then press the button labelled open.
2. The update process will begin, the package is first copied to the TPOS machine from the USB drive, unpacked then applied to the local system. Please be patient this process may take several minutes to complete but at the conclusion the user will be notified the update has been successfully applied.
3. TPOS can then be opened using the desktop shortcut provided and routine POS operations resumed.

T-POS Software Update - (41.08 MB)